/Church leaders fight over leadership vacuum after Bishop death

Church leaders fight over leadership vacuum after Bishop death

The death of longest serving church of God East Africa founding bishop Byrum Makokha, who has been in the realm of church leadership since 1969 after taking over from White missionaries is likely to spur leadership wrangles in the church, if proper measures are not put in place to ensure smooth leadership transition.

The long serving Bishop Makokha, passed on last week aged 91 leaving a leadership vacuum in the church which has more than 1 million followers.

To quell the situation, 21 church of God clerics from North Rift have appealed to their members and leaders to embrace reconciliation to ensure a solidified church after the death of their bishop.

Speaking to journalists at Eldoret Central Church of God the clerics urged members of the church engaged in wrangles to cease and give their late bishop a nice sendoff by embracing reconciliation in solving their challenges amicably.

Rev David Mbaye a senior member of the church senate said the late bishop Makokha was a man of peace and those engaging in wrangles after his death are bringing disgrace to the church and their pioneer bishop.

“Anyone having an issue with our church must put the issues aside and allow us to accord our bishop a peaceful sendoff,” said Rev Mbaye.

Mbaye urged church followers to use this mourning period to restore honor and respect to every member in honor of the late bishop.

“Let us use this mourning period to restore oneness and integrity of the church. Let’s embrace good relationship and reconciliation as we forget the past and for the good future of the church even after the death of our beloved bishop,” added Rev Mbaye

His sentiments were echoed by Eldoret region overseer Rev. Benson Maosa who hailed regional leadership introduced by their late bishop.

Rev Maosa said the legacy of their late bishop must be emulated by all their followers to ensure that his new leadership style of embracing regional bishops is embraced in the entire church leadership.

Rev Elphas Saalu expressed hope that there will be a peaceful transition to replace their late bishop.

“We are a peace loving church and even after the death of our bishop we are hoping for a peaceful transition to fill the vacuum that has been left by our bishop,” said Rev Saalu.

Last Sunday the members of the church at Mariakani in Nairobi were forced to conduct their service outside their church following a wrangle over church plot ownership.

The late Makokha will be laid to rest at his home in Emuhaya Sub County in Vihiga County on Saturday 12.

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