/Oscar Sudi holds mega demo in Eldoret

Oscar Sudi holds mega demo in Eldoret

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi, today held a demonstration in Eldoret town addressing the attacks against him over the alleged insult of the Kenyatta family.

The MP was reacting to the many demonstrations that political leaders have mobilized around the country in a bid to pressure him and his Emurua Dikir counterpart, Johanna Ngeno, to make a public apology to President Uhuru and the former first lady Mama Ngina following their utterances against them.

According to the lawmaker, those going round mobilizing people to demonstrate against them are allegedly suspected beneficiaries of the Covid-19 millions.

“I have noted with a lot of concern on what is going round in the media. Some people who are known thieves of covid-19 money have mobilized crowd to demonstrate against my sentiments,” he said.

Sudi warned that he would only respect those who respected him.

“Respect is two way traffic and it cannot be that some leaders are arraigned in court over hate speech while others allied to the president or the ODM chair are not , we will not be threatened with double standards.,” said Sudi.

Sudi further stated that he would promote peace and distance himself from incitement but would not relent in his fight for respect for the DP William Ruto.

“Let me make the record straight, we are peace loving people but will not allow disrespect to the DP and Kenyans,” said Sudi.

He further argued that other political leaders had threatened the DP’s life earlier, but no action was taken against them.

He further accused them of being wolves dressed in sheep skin.

In a Facebook post that hash tagged #AllMothersAreEqual, the lawmaker insisted that he will not let lies override the truth.

“These are wolves hiding in the sheep’s skin. If at all mobilizing demonstrators is anything to go by, then I will be holding a demo in Eldoret Town this Friday. We cannot let nonsense override the TRUTH. #AllMothersAreEqual,” he posted.

Earlier in the day, Sudi said that he was not going to apologize to Uhuru and the first family, calling on those asking him to apologize to first tell him the mistake that he made.

Since Monday following his utterance directed to Uhuru and Mama Ngina, Sudi has maintained that he did no wrong and didn’t abuse anyone’s mother. He insisted that all he did was to compare his mother and Mama Ngina which to him is not committing any mistake.

Many political leaders have mounted pressure on Sudi and his Emurua Dikirr counterpart Johana Ng’eno who are presumed to be Deputy President’s close allies to apologize publicly.

Some also want the DP to apologize on behalf of the two who are tanga tanga movement followers.

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