/Kenyan Lesbian Couple found having sex in front of their kids arrested

Kenyan Lesbian Couple found having sex in front of their kids arrested

Police in Meru have arrested a lesbian couple who were allegedly found making love in front of their kids. Kellen Kagwiria who is 48, and her lover Catherine Naitore, 38, were apprehended at their house in Githongo area, Meru County on Tuesday night.

The two were caught in the act after neighbors responded to noises from the children, who witnessed their parents engaging in the indecency.


Imenti Central Police Commander John Taurus said the two are being detained pending arraignment in court on Friday.

“The will be remanded until Friday to allow police to carry out the investigation. They will answer cases of practicing the unnatural act of having canal knowledge against the normal order of nature, being idle and disorderly and causing a common nuisance,” said Taurus.

The incident reportedly happened moments after the two arrived home following a drinking spree at a local bar. Kellen is a primary school teacher and a mother of three while Catherine is a trader at Githongo market.

“Its shameful for old women to get involved into lesbianism we wonder why they never looked for men to satisfy them instead of doing the unnatural act and one being a teacher we wonder the example she is setting to our children,” a resident, Jane Muthoni, said.

“It was around midnight I heard the children crying and I decided to wake up and wake my neighbor and when we went to see what was happening we were welcomed by a rude shock we saw the women in bed naked and making love.”


Residents called area chief who helped in arresting the two, who are said to have divorced their husbands.

“These women divorced their husbands and they live with their young children.

We have been hearing rumors that they are lesbians but we wonder why they are doing the beastly act at their age that very shameful when there are so many men here who can help them,” added Muthoni.

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