Irresponsible. Moses Kuria makes public appearance without a mask

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has appeared in public for the first time in several weeks, without a mask, accompanying DP William Ruto to a church service weeks after announcing he had battled COVID-19. He made a public announcement on September 2nd, that he had been hospitalized for 27 days after contracting the deadly virus.

Through a Facebook post on September 2nd, Kuria said he had been undergoing Covid-19 treatment at the facility for 27 days.

Corona Virus Is Real

“I really hope that beyond all the debate around Covid-19, all and sundry will not forget that Corona Virus is real. The worst thing we can do is to lower our guard!” Kuria wrote.

“And above all let us remember our gallant front line workers- Not just doctors and nurses like but subordinate staff who put their lives in the line of danger to give care to Corona Virus patients.”

“If you are in a hospital bed- Like me for the last 27 days here at Karen Hospital you witness firsthand the amount of sacrifice they make amid exceedingly difficult circumstances. You learn to focus more on the virus and our front-line workers, and less on sideshows,” he added.

PHOTO FILE: Moses Kuria in hospital when he was battling COVID-19 a couple of weeks ago.

In photos shared from the service by a local well known blogger, the Gatundu South lawmaker, who interestingly, did not have a face mask, was seemingly enjoying the service in which a new bishop for AIC Nairobi area was being installed.

Support Frontline Workers

Kuria urged Kenyans to always remember and support the efforts of frontline health workers and their subordinate staff who he said were sacrificing a lot to make sure the country averts the virus. “I really hope that beyond all the debate around COVID-19, all and sundry will not forget that coronavirus is real. The worst thing we can do is to lower our guard!” he said.

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