/Jubilee MP’s call for a speedy probe into the KEMSA scandal

Jubilee MP’s call for a speedy probe into the KEMSA scandal

Kapseret Constituency Mp Oscar Sudi and his Kimilili counterpart Didmus Barasa have called upon the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to conduct a speedy probe into the alleged Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) scandal.

Addressing the press in Eldoret, the legislators called for an audit of all the funds done through financial analysis, procurement, to establish if the items were sold at the right price or there was exaggeration of costs.

The duo also asked for profiling of companies involved to establish if they are genuine or were registered as conduits arguing that top government officials have a hand in the alleged corruption scheme.

“Our biggest problem is ignorance, ignoring the needs of the common citizens for our selfish interests. We know that there are big thieves, and it is time such cartels are exposed,” said Sudi.

Sudi further called upon the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to ensure investigations are not interfered by the political class and that the allegedly stolen Covid-19 related resources are channeled to accomplish their intended use.

“The DCI investigations should be for the good of the public. Stolen resources must be returned to serve its intended purpose. Theft of donor resources that were meant to help our country in the fight of the pandemic has painted our country in a bad light and the same resources must be recovered,” said Sudi.

Barasa argued that the scandal involving billions of monies must be investigated as it cannot be barely dismissed as hearsay.

According to Barasa there is already enough evidence to arrest the perpetrators so the departments should take action to arrest them.

“The fact that people have been suspended means there was corruption at KEMSA because some people treated it as a casino to enrich themselves within a short span of time. Let the DCI conduct a speedy probe and have the suspects arraigned in court for justice’s sake,” said Barasa.

Sudi however faulted the parliamentary health committee that is probing the KEMSA officials alleging that many of them are involved in one way or another in the Corruption Saga.

“Those in the Health committee are also involved in the saga and there will be no report from them, Kenyans should not expect much from them,” said Sudi.

He also mentioned six companies that he claims were used by some senior government officials to tender resources to KEMSA.

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