/Atwoli home meeting raises outrage

Atwoli home meeting raises outrage

KENYA – Outrage over meeting at Atwoli home as rules to curb virus spread flouted. Pictures show devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa, Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka, and others standing close together. Kenyans are angry over what they call the selective application of the COVID-19 rules.

Public outrage is mounting over the gradual violation of COVID-19 containment protocols by politicians and elites whereas members of the public alleged to have violated the same rules are brutalized by the Kenyan Police Force.

The latest incident, as The Star reports, is the gathering of tens of politicians from Western Kenya at COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli’s Kajiado home on Friday.

Pictures circulating online showed the politicians who included Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa, Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka, governors, and lawmakers from the region standing close together addressing the press without observing the mandatory social distance imposed by the Ministry of Health. Outraged Kenyans have protested what they call the selective application of the rules, with others demanding that the whole lot be taken to mandatory quarantine, the same way ordinary Kenyans have been treated.

On the same day, 40 people, including seven minors, were reportedly arrested by the police and charged in court in a Kisumu for breaching the social distancing protocol.

LSK president Nelson Havi said it was a pity that the political elite were acting in flagrant double standards, one for the ordinary people and another for themselves.

“It is time we called out Kenyan political leaders for the fraud they are. They declare a curfew for Covid-19 and demand we obey but they don’t. They restrict movement but they are moving freely. They say no succession politics but are politicking. What more lies can they tell us?” he tweeted regarding the Atwoli meeting.

Sharing a clip that suggested the attendees of the meeting were treated to an open bar and dancing, Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen said if the politicians went scot-free, then even gathering in churches should be allowed.

“If you can open the bars then we can open churches. Please tuwache ukora. Open the churches!” he said.

But the COTU boss on Saturday said he had ensured proper social distance during the meeting at his home.

On Thursday, over 100 Nasa MPs met in Parliament for their parliamentary group meeting. Addressing the press afterward, they appeared close together, clearly in breach of social distancing even though most of them had face masks on.

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