/KQ: Stranded Kenyans in the U.S. offered opportunity to fly home

KQ: Stranded Kenyans in the U.S. offered opportunity to fly home

KENYA – Kenya Airways (KQ) has offered Kenyans stranded in the United States amid the COVID-19 pandemic an opportunity to fly back home. This is after the airline received numerous inquiries from stranded Kenyans in the United States on whether a chartered flight can be organized to repatriate them, according to KQ U.S. country manager, Bob Mwaura.

In a notice on Wednesday, May 28th, KQ announced it has arranged a special flight from Heathrow Airport in London, the United Kingdom on Thursday, June 5th. The chartered flight will depart Heathrow’s Terminal 2 at 11 AM local time and arrive at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi on the same day at 9.35 PM local time.

Kenyans stranded in the US and wish to fly home have been urged to make their own travel arrangements to London to catch the Kenya Airways flight home from there.

“Interested Kenyans will need to make their own flight arrangements departing from the U.S., giving enough time to make the connections to Terminal 2 in London Heathrow Airport.”

A one-way economy class ticket on this flight is going for $1,333 and $2,403 for business class. Tickets can be booked at www.kenya-airways.com/en-uk/charter-flights.

“The flight has now been loaded on the Kenya Airways booking system and is available for sale on first come first served basis,” the KQ statement read.

Travelers from the US must present a certificate showing they are COVID-19 free before they are allowed to board this flight. The certificates must be sent to ukmedical@kenya-airways.com by May the 29th.

Upon arrival in Kenya, the returnees will be subjected to mandatory quarantine for a period ranging from 14 to 28 days in line with the government’s Covid-19 containment measures.

Further details can be found at www.kenya-airways.com/en-uk/charter-flights, or by calling KQ US toll free number +1 (866) 536 9224 which is open 24 hours or contact the airline via email: usreservations@kenya-airways.com.

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