/General Service Unit (GSU) deploys officers in Migori County

General Service Unit (GSU) deploys officers in Migori County

The Kenya General Service Unit (GSU) deploys officers in Migori County following heightened tension over the ouster of Migori Governor Okoth Obado.

This move comes moments before the MCAs’ table a motion to impeach the Governor, which was initiated by the ODM Party passing a vote to impeach him after being charged with corruption.

“Due to corruption charges leveled against Governor Okoth Obado & the decision by the court to bar him from accessing his office, the party in consultations with County MCAs’ has resolved to have a motion of impeachment against the governor initiated immediately & have the Dep. Governor take over,” read a statement from ODM.

The party also accused Obado of raising funds to fuel violence in the county to scuttle the impeachment process.

Further, the party indicated that it would furnish the Government with names of Migori CECs, directors of different departments, contractors, chief officers, MCAs’, officials and suppliers who are currently involved in raising money and diverting public funds to fuel violence in the county.

“Those CECs, directors, suppliers contractors and county assembly officials are currently holed up Nairobi, Kisumu and Migori. As soon as we forward those names, we will expect the police to act with speed to arrest the individuals so that law and order can be maintained and justice not subverted in Nairobi,” the statement added.

The accused denied all the counts of graft at the Migori county government on Friday when they were arraigned.

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