/Mama Koité Doumbia Chair of the TFV Board of Directors

Mama Koité Doumbia Chair of the TFV Board of Directors

NETHERLANDS – On 29 April 2020, the Board of Directors of the Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) at the International Criminal Court (ICC), meeting in closed session, unanimously elected Ms Mama Koité Doumbia as Chair for the remainder of their mandate period, until December 2021. Ms Doumbia succeeds in this function Mr Felipe Michelini, who passed away on 19 April.

In a sombre mood, recalling the sad and untimely passing of Chair Michelini, the members of the TFV Board invested their confidence in Ms Doumbia to lead their support of victims of the most serious international crimes, to overcome their harm and rebuild their lives, in close collaboration with the ICC.

Newly elected Board Chair, Ms Doumbia said, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues for their vote of confidence. I would like to honour my predecessor Felipe Michelini in his memory for his leadership and his instrumental contributions to end impunity for the most serious crimes. Our journey is still long but we will continue our fight for justice. The voices of victims must be heard more. I invite the States Parties to ensure their will and responsibility in the assistance and reparation of the victims. I am confident we can work together to ensure victims’ rights and needs are realized in the Rome Statute system. I am honoured to take this new challenge.”

TFV Executive Director Pieter de Baan offered his congratulations on behalf of the Secretariat of the TFV: “I confirm our commitment to support Ms Doumbia for her role and leadership at the helm of the organisation to be dynamic and effective, promoting the mission and values of the TFV in the quest to make reparative justice a tangible and meaningful reality for victims.”

ICC Registrar Peter Lewis, who acts in an advisory capacity to the TFV Board, congratulated Ms Doumbia on behalf of the Court. “I look forward to working with Ms Doumbia as the new Chair of the TFV Board and to continue our joint efforts to strengthen the bonds between our institutions.”

Mama Koité Doumbia was first elected to the Board in December 2015 by the States Parties to the Rome Statute. She was re-elected for a second three year mandate period in December 2018. Ms Doumbia is from Mali and represents the African group of States Parties in the TFV Board. Members of the TFV Board of Directors function in their personal capacity and on a pro bono basis.

For more information, please contact: trustfundforvictims@icc-cpi.int or visit: www.trustfundforvictims.org

  • via: Trust Fund for Victims

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