/Political tensions on the rise over hate speech, incitement claims

Political tensions on the rise over hate speech, incitement claims

Political as well as church leaders have castigated Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi and his Emurua Dikirr counterpart Johana Ng’eno over hate speech and incitement claims that many fear might affect peace of the country.

Their reactions come in the wake of the arrest of Ng’eno who has been arraigned in a Nakuru court after he was arrested on Monday over hate speech and incitement.

Ng’eno is yet to receive his bond/ bail application ruling today.

But many leaders have argued that the two key allies to the deputy president have been speaking on the DP’s behalf, calling out on the duo to apologize for the slurs against the first family and Mama Ngina.

Sudi has however stood his ground saying he will not apologize for his sentiments that have been labeled inflammatory, against the Kenyatta family.

The vocal MP said his remarks were the truth and not aimed at inciting anyone.

“I was very surprised to see so many women agitated that I referred to women’s breasts, it is even in the bible, that was not an insult, I will apologize once people show me where I went wrong,” he stated

The controversial legislator also dismissed statements that he was speaking on behalf of the Deputy President William Ruto, adding that he speaks out his mind.

“I have my own opinions about anything in the country. Those saying I speak for DP Ruto should know that I have my own understanding and I don’t need to talk on anyone’s behalf,” he added.

Sudi also turned his guns on the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga, and the Jubilee Party Vice chair David Murathe for having not been mentioned despite their utterances against DP Ruto.

“Why are we not seeing the police chasing Murathe and Raila Odinga, we need to be fair in this country. Why didn’t Raila Odinga speak when Gladys Wanga and Babu Owino insult the President?”  Posed Sudi.

Junet, ODM’s director of elections, said Ruto’s condemnation of the MP’s statement was hollow hearted.

“I want to ask the DP to spare this country the politics of war and violence. It is dishonest and old school for the DP to send his people to insult other leaders, including the president, and then pretend to be telling them to stop. You cannot abuse other leaders to gain power,” Junet said.

Raila Odinga condemned leaders using inflammatory remarks saying their utterances could plunge the country into another round of ethnic violence.

Addressing the press at his office at Capital Hills in Nairobi, Mr. Odinga said Kenya had been bruised because of ethnic animosity and could not risk going down the same path.

Addressing top politicians from Kajiado County, who assured him that they were adamantly supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government, Mr. Odinga called for calm and unity in the country.

“I appeal to these leaders to stand for united Kenya and against those preaching war against fellow Kenyans. This country has known troubled times before because of politics. We went to war in 1992, 1997 and 2007. Nobody should try to take this country to war again because of politics,” Odinga said.

Junet urged Ruto to resign from the government if he felt that he was being frustrated. He challenged the DP to go it alone in the 2022 presidential race if he (DP) felt his influence was enough to clinch the top seat.

He said: “He has claimed that he is the one who has made Raila Odinga be the prime minister and Uhuru Kenyatta to be president. We are waiting for him to make himself president come 2022.”

Sudi’s utterances prompted DP Ruto to, on Monday evening, to call for restraint and civility when criticizing the president.

“Leaders should exercise restraint and avoid insults and bad language against other Kenyans,” he said.

“Unsavory words against mothers and Head of State is a NO, NO. No amount of anger justifies the use of offensive insulting language. There exist decent ways to communicate however one feels,” he added.

KANU has told Emurua Dikirr MP Johanna Ng’eno to resign or risk being expelled following his slurs.

In a statement on Tuesday, KANU secretary general Nick Salat condemned the MP.

Salat said that the utterances made by the MP to President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is a former member of KANU is an insult to the party.

To insult the former leaders of KANU is an insult to the party itself, Nick Salat said.

He added that the party has resolved to part ways with Ng’eno after failing to observe the leadership and integrity provisions as per the Constitution.

“He must and should be deprived of the privileges to serve Kenya as a state officer.”

He added that “As much as we sympathize with the people of Emurua Dikirr Constituency, public interests demand that Johanna Ng’eno should not continue being a member of KANU. The people of Emurua Dikirr will have to make a choice between peace and anarchy.”

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