/SpaceX launch: Flat Earthers

SpaceX launch: Flat Earthers

SpaceX launch: Flat Earthers’ rally as Crew Dragon astronauts film Earth from space. SpaceX’s historic achievement of launching astronauts into orbit was bombarded by Flat Earth fanatics who questioned whether SpaceX’s footage of Earth from space is real.

launched two astronauts into orbit on Saturday, May 31, carrying out the first crewed flight aboard a private-built spacecraft. Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley flew towards the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft, launching from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 8.22 pm BST. But as the world celebrated the historic partnership between NASA and SpaceX, many Flat Earth believers took to social media to challenge the launch footage streamed online.

Arguments broke out on Twitter as people on both sides of the debate fought their case.

One person said: “Just imagine if it’s proven now that the Earth is flat people will know by then that this Earth didn’t miraculously came to being with the Big Bang and us living on it by chance, if it’s flat there is a creator there is a God and that’s what they don’t want people to believe.”

The same person also explained the vanishing horizon, saying: “Well what you saw isn’t the curvature it’s just the end of the horizon in our perspectives makes it appear so cause of the vanishing point of our limited view.”

Another Twitter user said: “Dragon is Satan. Dome over flat Earth.”

SpaceX launch: Tweets about Flat Earth

SpaceX launch: Flat Earth believers were not convinced by SpaceX and NASA’s stream (Image: SPACEX/GETTY)

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